Milton Malsor Village Hall

Audio/Visual System instructions

(Note: these instructions are also displayed in the hall)

  •        In the middle the front wall of the main hall is a selector switch as below; ensure that the rotary dial is set on “Kitchen” and the volume is set to no higher than 5


  •         In the Kitchen, turn on the wall sockets supplying the Bluetooth adaptor and CD Player, then select the device you want to play through by pressing the relevant button (a): 1) for CD player/tuner 2) for Bluetooth connection to portable device (phone, tablet, etc.):


  •        CD Player/Tuner: Press the “Standby” button (b) to turn it on/off and select either CD Player or FM tuner using the “Source” button (c). The CD player will also play .mp3 tracks and music on a USB stick

  •         Bluetooth Connector:

 a.   If connecting for the first time, press and hold the button (d) on the front of the  Bluetooth receiver (the small box with “Sony” written on it) for 2-3 seconds, until the light on it starts to flash blue  - it is now ready to “pair”

b.   On your portable device select Bluetooth settings and look for a device called BM10 – tell your device to pair/connect with this device – no code is needed

c.    Once the device is paired and connected the light on the connector will show a constant blue colour

d.    Any music now played on your device will be streamed to the surround sound in the hall; you can also control the volume from your device J

e.    If you have previously paired your device, the receiver will automatically find  it (the light on the connector shows white when it is ready and waiting to connect to something) 

  •     PA System: This is always on and can be accessed by simply using the microphone. Note: the volume is pre-set for all microphones and cannot be varied using the volume control

  •     Other inputs: The 3 pin female XLR socket is intended for a microphone and user's own "line level" equipment can be plugged into one of the pairs of RCA sockets, and selected using either A1 or A2 on the rotary dial. Note: the overall volume for A1 & A2 inputs is via the volume control on the selector switch panel 

  • Whatever the device being used, the volume of the sound is controlled via the the volume control on the selector switch panel in the main hall


If you have any questions or  specific requirements do not hesitate to contact us at: